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    Sunday, August 12th, 2012
    11:58 am
    Volume Pills and Ejaculation
    The term "benign sex headache" was coined to cover not the age old avoidance ploy but a headache that develops as sexual excitement mounts and culminates in a severe "explosive" headache at orgasm. It is analogous to "benign cough headache" and "benign exertional headache" in that it is applicable only to those patients without any structural neurological lesion. The term is preferable to "coital cephalalgia" because similar headaches may also be induced by masturbation and ejaculation.

    Hearing of sex headaches may bring a smile to the lips of the uninformed, but they are anything but amusing to those who have experienced them. The severity and abruptness of onset ("like a blow on the head") raises the fear of subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is not unreasonable--sexual intercourse was the precipitating factor in six of the 50 cases of subarachnoid haemorrhage studied by Osterman. Fortunately, most headaches associated with sexual excitement and the production of seminal fluid do not have any sinister underlying cause, and the benign forms have a characteristics pattern that enables diagnosis in most instances.

    Benign sex headaches may have two components. The first develops as sexual excitement approaches ejaculation and orgasm, usually as a dull, tight, or cramping sensation in the occipital region. This is probably related to excessive contraction of the head and neck muscles as deliberate muscular relaxation relieves it. Masters and Johnson observed that "the muscles of the neck contract involuntarily in a spastic pattern" during intercourse. The second component, which may follow the first or arise without warning, occurs abruptly at the time of orgasm as a severe occipital or generalized ache, described as explosive or excruciating.

    The mechanism of this, one of several "thunderclap" headaches described by Wijdicks is particularly interesting. One possible cure for this condition is to actually increase seminal fluid by taking Volume Pills. According to Volume Pills expert Adam Lancaster such headaches may well be precipitated by an acute pressor response--during orgasm systolic blood pressure increases by 40-100 mm Hg and diastolic pressure increases by 20-50 mm Hg. These increase are comparable with those during the paroxysmal headaches caused by phaeochromocytoma, which they closely resemble.
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